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Mortgage Broker London

What is the role of a Mortgage Broker?

The role of a mortgage broker is to find the most suitable mortgage product for their customers, and the advantage of working with us is that we are ‘whole of market brokers’ and we are directly authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority.

So when we’re looking for the right product, we’re literally going right across the whole market. We have access to every single lender out there, which gives us the best chance of securing the lowest rate and therefore saving money in the long term for our client.

What’s the difference between going to a Mortgage Broker and your local high street bank?


That’s the million-dollar question! If you’re a first-time buyer, you may naturally go into the local branch of whoever you bank with and ask about a mortgage, that’s usually the starting point. The issue with this is when you go to your local bank and you speak to a mortgage advisor, they will only be able to offer you their products, from their bank, so you are not able to choose from everything available in the market.

Whereas, when you speak to a broker like ourselves, we cover the ‘whole of market’, so we’ll have access to that same high street bank and their products and rates, but we also have access to every other single high street lender, and other specialist lenders as well.

As a mortgage broker, we actually give the banks the most amount of business. So therefore, we are offered exclusive rates from various banks each week, for example, if a client was to pop into Barclays and get offered a particular rate, we may have an exclusive rate that the in-house mortgage advisor won’t be able to offer, so it’s definitely worthwhile speaking to a Mortgage Broker.

What services does a Mortgage Broker offer?


We offer a wide selection of standard residential mortgages, and we also look at your insurance needs (such as life insurance), offered by our panel of insurance providers. We also deal directly with bridging finance, auction finance, development finance and commercial mortgages.

As part of using our services, not only do we assist with your mortgage, but we also assist you through the entire journey, right up to completion. This includes liaising with estate agents and solicitors – we don’t just stop once the mortgage offer is issued, we are there throughout the whole process, only stopping on completion of the actual mortgage itself and when you physically have the keys in your hands.

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We help customers navigate the options available to them through clear information and guidance, this in turn enables them to understand their choices and make informed decisions.

When should I see a Mortgage Broker?

I would always recommend speaking to us at the earliest stage possible, when you are thinking about buying a property, even before registering with local estate agents or viewing properties, you can just pick up the phone and give us a call. We can then find out your affordability at the start – as somebody could be viewing a property for £500,000 but that property could be out of reach if you can only borrow £400,000.

So it’s always important to speak to a broker at the earliest opportunity, to ensure that you don’t waste time viewing properties above or below your budget.

You’re based in London – Can you help me if I’m based elsewhere?

Absolutely! Although myself and the team are in London, we do have some brokers who are in the home counties, but we can certainly help anyone in the UK whether you’re on the south coast, in the midlands or northwest Scotland. We have the technology with Zoom calls and Microsoft Teams, so we can certainly help anyone regardless of where they are.

Why is London a popular location to live and buy property?

I personally love London. I think it’s the best place in the world as it’s such a vibrant city and there’s always something you can do. If you’re seeking capital appreciation over a longer-term, then capital cities are renowned to give you capital appreciation, meaning that your home can also be a wise investment.

Everybody wants to live and work around London but even that’s changing a little bit now – some people want more space and they’re moving further away to get more for their money. People are looking for larger properties with more bedrooms and larger gardens and realising this is achievable just 6 or 7 miles outside of London. But yes, I’m a big fan of London, it’s a great place to live and work.

About London Mortgage Solutions

I started the company four and half years ago in 2017, and the team’s grown organically during that period of time and we will continue to grow and continue to prosper.

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Does it cost for an initial consultation?

There’s no upfront cost at all, we start with a fifteen-minute consultation where we can start to build a relationship and find out exactly what you need. It’s free for anyone and everyone to pick up the phone to see how we can help you, so why not give us a call today and see how we can help you on your property journey?

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